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1. The Odessa national academy of food technologies - More than one hundred years ago, in 1902, the school of millers was establish in Odessa for training millers and grain processing engineers for the South of the Ukraine. The first graduation took place in 1905. In 1909 according to the Tsar Edict the School was transformed to the Technical High School that in 1922 was reorganized by the Soviet Decree into the Technical College. In 1929 the College was reformed in the Institute of Grain and Flour Technology with 5 faculties such as Technological, Mechanical, Bakery Production, Mixed Fodder Production and Engineering faculties. Subsequently the Institute has been renamed to Odessa Technological Institute and then to Odessa State Academy of Food Technologies.

In 1993, our institution, one of the first in the Ukraine has been accredited for the highest, 4th level of accreditation. In 2002 our Academy has received the status of the National one.

In 2004 the Assembly of Business Circles of Europe (Oxford, England) has awarded our Academy the premium of the «European quality» for successful achievement of the European standards of quality in providing the educational services.

Professors and scientists of ONAFT maintain scientific, business and educational contacts with related foreign institutions, participate at numerous international conferences and exhibitions, publishing papers in leading international journals and magazines. There are 150 foreign students and 10 post-graduates from 15 countries at the Academy.

2. Scientific and technical library - of the Odessa national Academy of food technologies