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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012


Tkachenko O;Ageieva I;Berkgaut V

Key words: wine industry;wine tourism;strategic development;bureau of marketing;wine CNR;market capacity

Page: 55-61


In article innovative aspects of strategy of development of wine-making branch of Ukraine, need of creation of Bureau on marketing of grapes and wine of Ukraine, development influence are considered wine tourism on increase of culture of consumption of wine and on development of wine-making branch, removal on the market of Ukraine of wines of controlled names by origin is considered (KNP). The current state grape winemaking a subcomplex of agrarian and industrial complex is characte-rized as crisis: reduction of the areas of vineyards, as stable source of raw materials, declining production, domination in the domestic market of import wine, at the insufficient range and poor quality of a domestic production. Therefore system strategic approach to development of the enterprises and realization of strate-gy of development makes special scientific and practical interest. Strategy of development of wine growing and winemaking of Ukraine in modern conditions has to be based on the principles: creation of conditions for integration of economy of branches into the European and world economic space; creation of essentially new evidence-based and socially oriented innovative model of restructuring of branches with stage-by-stage formation of priorities of economic, social and ecological de-velopment of agrarian production in the state. In the conditions of reforming of wine growing and winemaking of Ukraine the special attention should be paid to the sphere of realization and sales promotion of production, development of agromarket-ing, wine tourism that allows to increase competitiveness of vinogradarsko-vinodelny production in the inter-nal and world markets


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