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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012


Kalaman O.;Molchanovska A.

Key words: viticulture;wine;industry;market;production;development

Page: 3-8


The article describes the current problems and tendencies of world and Ukrainian winemaking prod-ucts markets. The changes of the vineyards area in the world and in Ukraine in particular were presented. The changes of the vineyards area lead to the according changes of the gross gathering were indicated. An-other important resulting indicator is the wine production output that depends on the problems created in the industry.
Dedicated and analyzed the new leaders of the global wine industry.
Indicated their output to the market forces the industry to comply with new standards as soon as possible and to improve the production process and product quality. Pictured state of viticulture in Ukraine and described its problems in today\'s unstable conditions.
The dates to reduce the number of winemaking enterprises political events center of which is Ukraine were displayed. Therefore, the Ukrainian wine industry is exposed to greater risk, not only on the world market and on the domestic.
The dynamics of production of grape wine regions were analyzed. The basic indicators of the wine industry in Ukraine were presented. The reduction of the vineyards, reducing the gross gathering, the gov-ernment instability – are the factors, which have a direct impact on the general state of the wine industry in Ukraine. Problems require constant monitoring for analyze and find their optimal solutions.
The authors presented data on exports and imports of grape wine. It was proved that Ukrainian wine producers have sufficient competitive advantages in this market against foreign manufacturers.
Revealed the weaknesses of domestic production wine products and suggested ways to improve the capacity of Ukrainian wine industry. These actual and acute problems and threats to the wine industry in Ukraine and abroad were described. For Ukraine were offered progressive ways to improve the situation in the wine industry and the most appropriate ways of its development in view of the strategic perspective


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