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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012


Rummo V.;Roznatova M

Key words: food security;threat;internal threats;external threats;state regulation

Page: 21-28


In article internal and external threats of food security of Ukraine are allocated and the directions of ensuring food security of the country are offered. The main threats of food security of Ukraine are character-ized, features of their influence are determined. The purpose of article is research of aspects of internal and external threats of food security in works of scientists and their allocation for the purpose of enhancement of methods of diagnostics of external and internal threats of food security, reasons for the directions of further researches.
Food are important and irreplaceable in activity of the person therefore development of the food in-dustry and production of agricultural products is a food basis, acts as demographic factor., which is the basic for ensuring needs of nature of the person therefore studying of problems of food security has always signifi-cant relevance. Research has shown that the food security is the such level of food supply of the population which guarantees socio-political stability in society, a survival and development of the nation, the personality, a family, sustainable economic development of the state. The food security has national nature, complexity and permanence is inherent in it. Depending on features of national food system, the period of its develop-ment, from what component of a food problem to gain priority value at this or that stage, tasks of its providing are modified together with changes of internal and external threats.
For the purpose of minimization of threats of food security of the state, ensuring availability, quality and safety of the food for all segments of the population, Cabinet council of Ukraine, to the Ministry of an agrarian policy and the food measures of its providing are proposed


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