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ISO: 26324:2012


Samofatova V.;Pankiv Y.

Key words: fish;fish products;fish production;fish consumption;fishing

Page: 29-33


The article examines the main trends of production and consumption of fish and fish products in Ukraine.
To date, there is decline in the fish processing industry in Ukraine - annually reduced fishing in inland waters of Ukraine, reducing the amount of consumption of fish and fish products per capita, first of all it af-fects the political and economic factors of the country. Among them are the annexation of Crimea, the tem-porary occupation of certain areas of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions and the devaluation of the hryvnia. Beginning in 2014, the hryvnia began to fall rapidly, sometimes reaching a level of 40 hryvnia for one dollar.
The analysis allowed to identify the main problematic aspects of functioning fish processing enter-prises of Ukraine. One of the main problems is the presence of obsolete equipment that wears out each year, according to its productivity falls, which greatly affects the cost of production; the second problem is the pollution of the environment by entering the waste water companies, which are formed mainly when washing the fish, cleaning equipment, inventory, packaging and flooring in the open water. The production flow fall fat, blood, proteins, salt, phosphates. Another one of the problems of functioning fish processing enterprises is the insecurity of its own raw materials, which makes them not to buy cheap imported fish.
Revealed the prospects of further development of the industry, and the following measures are pro-posed in order to achieve the desired result: the introduction of certificates of origin of fish products; Fisher-ies patrol creation in all regions of Ukraine; increasing responsibility for poaching fish; an increase in the construction of artificial connections between the estuary and the sea; increasing the share of domestic processing of fishery products of fish processing plants; modernization of fish processing plants, upgrading the material and technical base. Implementation of the above measures will lead to an improvement in the fish processing industry in Ukraine and the state of obtaining additional funds to the state budget.


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