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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
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ISO: 26324:2012


Nikishina O.

Key words: price monitoring and analysis;vertically adjacent markets;logistics chain;market of bread products;selective regulatory measures

Page: 10-20


m of collecting data and analysis of price indices of relevant and vertically adjacent markets, which allows you to continuously fix and analyze price characteristics markets. It forms the analytical base for grounding of directions, methods and measures of state selective regulation. The system of price monitoring has a cyclical nature and consists of four subsystems: informational, methodological, organizational and technical. In the article justified methodological approach to price monitoring of commodity market, which combined the conceptual and methodical bases has been substantiated. As main principles of price monitoring the author highlighted the following: (1) priority of economic interests of the state; (2) systematization and complexity; (3) efficiency and flexibility; (4) objectivity and accuracy; (5) effectiveness; (6) purposefulness; (7) scientific character. These principles direct vector monitoring to assessment of price situation from the perspective of effective functioning of the commodity market and implementation of economic interests of the state in the market. The developed methodical approach includes four main directions of price monitoring of commodity market, namely: (1) analysis of price dynamics; (2) analysis of price ratios; (3) analysis of indices of price elasticity; (4) analysis of impact of state price regulation in the processes of reproduction. For each direction specific components and a majority of price indices, both known and innovative, as well as price analysis methodology have been substantiated. The conducted contoured price monitoring of Ukrainian market of bread products on the directions that have innovative orientation, allowed to determine a number of regularities and price ratios. So, by results of the analysis it was found that, in the logistics chain «wheat – flour – bread products» with increasing the degree of processing product, the growth rate of domestic prices are falling, the level of price convergence is increasing, differences between prices of export and import decrease, pricing integration of commodity markets is growing. Accounting for these latent tendencies in the practice of public administration is focused on improving the efficiency of selective regulatory measures.


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