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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
ISSN Online:2411-4111
ISO: 26324:2012


Sedikova I.;Petrochko N.

Key words: strategy;diversification;enterprise wine industry;portfolio analysis

Page: 44-50


that the existing scientific approaches to develop business strategies are general in nature, limiting the scope of their application through industry-specific features. The current state and trends in the wine industry in Ukraine were analyzed. Its main products are: wine, champagne, cognac – in its consumer properties are unique and are in demand both in domestic and foreign markets. The main producers of wine products in Ukraine were identified. The calculations of volatilities indices of operation environment concerning wineries in Ukraine, have been fulfilled which showed significant differentiation of levels. The competitive landscape of the market wine products and the definition of the competitive position of LLC «PTK Shabo» on the market were analyzed. Maps of strategic groups of competing businesses in the production and sale of wine were constructed. Two maps of strategic groups of competitors were created. For the first map of strategic groups of competitors the next options were chosen: breadth of assortment and price and for the second - output and quality. After analyzing the market of wine products a conclusion was made about its attractiveness and prospects. The basic characteristics of the product and the enterprise as a whole, affecting the level of competitiveness, were analyzed, and they were compared to the characteristics of products and key competitors. Having made portfolio analysis using BCG matrix strategic areas of management was selected. On the basis of key criteria in the composition of each group a matrix of strategies in the SPACE coordinate system and LLC «PTK Shabo» vector of development position of the company, were constructed. After analyzing the competitive landscape and analysis of portfolio of LLC «PTK Shabo» company, it was recommended to change the strategy of its activity in diversification strategy and to introduce a new wine tour, which would deal with strictly sparkling wines, because at the moment the company is introducing a «House of Shabo sparkling wines». The information is based on a strategic analysis of LLC «PTK Shabo».


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