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Holodonyuk O.;Buzinsky V.

Key words: cognac;PJSC «Odessavinprom»;production;SWOT-analysis;PEST-analysis;new product;novelty

Page: 16-23


The article deals with marketing approaches to the research of the market of cognac in case of development and introduction of new products. Recommendations on the development of strategies for the introduction of a new product to the market have been suggested. The effectiveness of the recommended activities has been calculated. The innovative way of development is one of the decisive factors in the success of any manufacturer who aspires to the prosperous financial condition of his business and, as a result, to obtain the desired profit. PJSC «Odessanvinprom» is an enterprise with a century-old history of existence and famous traditions of winemaking. The enterprise has a huge experience of survival in the conditions of restructuring and economic crisis in the country. In order to develop marketing strategies, the market, where the Odessanvinprom PJSC operates and the activities of the enterprise with the help of five levels of the product according to F. Kotler and PEST analysis have been studied. The research confirmed the expediency of introducing two new types of cognac for women – «Сowberry on Cognac» and «Ashberry on Cognac» under the brand name «Frantsuzenka».


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DOI: 10.15673/fie.v9i3.620

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