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Lipova O.;Evtuchok O.

Key words: attractiveness of business;factors of business attractiveness;personnel competitiveness;estimate of personnel;parameters of personnel competitiveness

Page: 52-60


Appropriate and undoubted interdependence as well as intercommunication and interconditionality of the essential market categories, namely: «attractiveness of food business» and «personnel competitiveness», have been considered and substantiated in the article. The personnel which is involved in this type of business, forms a certain level of image and competitiveness of the enterprise on the market among the consumers, clients and competitors. The effective factors, stipulating attractiveness of food business, entrepreneurs, investors, customers and hired workers of food enterprises, have been listed. Special attention is paid to the role, place and importance of competitiveness of the personnel of food business enterprises, survey and systematization of the main parameters and methods of the personnel estimate during competence approach. Taking into account that competitiveness of every separately taken employee of the enterprise is a dynamic value concerning time and because of influence of specific social and individual factors of subjective or objective character, semantic accent has been done on the types of its level: previous, current and perspective. In connection with this an employee can develop his professional competence (in general or by separate parameters) or become degraded in professional sense. It should also be taken into account that estimate of the personnel’s competitiveness level must be done at the enterprise constantly, at every stage of its functioning, beginning from selection at the labour market, during the period of probation, during the period of daily professional activity, in the period of a career growth and ending in employee’s discharging. At this personal and psychophysiological parameters of an employee’s competitiveness should be subjected to an immediate estimate, because even a genius with the increased self estimation is not able to realize himself in the collective in full measure in professional sense. The main task of the personnel’s competitiveness estimate at food enterprises is revealing and activization of labour and personal potentials of the employees with the aim of increasing the attractiveness of food business, competitiveness of the enterprise and economy of the country in the whole.


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DOI: 10.15673/fie.v9i3.624

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