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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
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ISO: 26324:2012

Management of startups in Ukraine: problems and prospects

Kolesnik V.

Key words: startup; management; efficiency of startups; problems of startup activity; prospects of startups in Ukraine.

Page: 57-61


The peculiarities of the theory and practice of management of startups in Ukraine have been considered in this article.
On the basis on the investigation of a large number of definitions of a startup as an economic category, his author’s interpretation taking into account of such specific features as foreign origin and temporal limits of the practical realization of startups in Ukraine, has been suggested.
A number of signs of startups have been subjected to the critical analysis. Some of these signs according to the author are inexpediently applied for identification the startup as a special form of a business project. As a result of these, a number of key signs (especially “being innovative” as a starter characteristic) has been systemized it\'s designed to contribute to increase of management work efficiency in startups.
The urgent problems, which are connected with functioning of startups, are determined as this, the problem of macrolevel, connected with efficiency of state management of the economy as a whole as well as the problems of microlevel, which are stipulated by the quality of the particular enterprise management, have been painted out. The ways of coping with the problems have been determined.
The European (in particular Polish managers’) experience of making management of the startups professional, both from the government\'s side and directly from the management of startups has been shown on their examples. On this, the attention has been paid to the possibility and necessity of activization of startups activities in the agrarian field, that may have a special importance, taking into account on the one hand urgency of the global problems of providing the mankind with food products, on the other hand traditionally impressive potential of Ukraine in the field of agrobusiness and food industry.
The potential of management education as a basic precondition of making management of startups in Ukraine professional has been analyzed.
The system approach to increase of the efficiency of management of startups has been proposed, the prospects of its further approbation from a position of realization of their innovative potential of Ukrainian economy have been stipulated.


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DOI: 10.15673/fie.v9i4.744

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