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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
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ISO: 26324:2012

Analysis of directions of innovative development of vineyard companies

Selikhov S.

Key words: strategy; innovative development; wine industry enterprises; strategic analysis.

Page: 73-80


The article deals with measures to introduce innovations at wineries in the Odessa region. A comparative analysis of the use of innovative potential in managerial, technological and commodity innovations at enterprises of PTB "Shabo", CJSC «Odessa Champagne Wine Factory», CJSC «Odessavinprom». A comprehensive analysis of the strategic development of enterprises using SWOT-analysis is done. Measures are proposed to improve the efficiency of enterprises. The innovative activity of the enterprise ensures a qualitative increase in the efficiency of processes and products. Enterprises innovate to ensure the competitiveness of their products in the wine market. The object of research is the wine-making enterprises of the Odessa region. The subject of the study is the economic and innovative activity of wineries. On the basis of the data obtained, measures were proposed to improve the competitiveness of the winemaking enterprises of the Odessa region. The strategy of development and improvement of the product, organizational and managerial innovations have been defined. Existing scientific approaches carry general character which limits their application domain in connection with specific branch features. Therefore, in the given investigation there was a requirement in consideration of theoretical and methodical questions, related to introduction of administrative innovations, on the enterprises of vine making industry. Urgency and practical meaningfulness of these questions stipulated the choice of the theme of this research, its purpose and task.
The modern stage of the development of the economy of Ukraine is characterized by the native change of operating of enterprises, which is stipulated by the increase of level of mobility of external factors and strengthening of their influence on the internal environmental, conditions.The effective activity and subsequent development of the Ukrainian vine making enterprises must be based on principles of strategic and innovative management. The purpose of the article is investigation of the state of the use of innovations (administrative, technological, food) and substantiation of the offered measures on the increase of efficiency of of enterprises activities of vine making industry on the basis of SWOT- analysis. On the basis of the conducted research it is possible to do such conclusions: 1. It is well-proven that the peculiarity of introduction of administrative innovations on joint-stock COMPANY of «Odesavinprom», is creation of the through planning and account of production of goods at all stages of the technological cycle. 2. It has been determined, that these types of works allow to form the integral structure of innovative policy at an enterprise, which provides a competitive advantage in the market, as new products, technologies and management methods. 3. As a result of the conducted analysis it has been offered, for promotion of products to the market, to bring in the famous personality, as the face of the brand. The use it has been offered of the famous and popular personality will allow to increase sales in bonuses by segments. 4.The development of the collection gift set has been offered in which an enterprise can include the wide range of the available products. 5. It has been determined, that one of main directions of development of enterprises, is building the of workshop for the production of fruit and berry wines.


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DOI: 10.15673/fie.v9i4.747

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