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ISO: 26324:2012

State regulation of innovation-oriented development of the food industry of Ukraine

Khrypiuk V.

Key words: state regulation; innovative activity; innovations; Global Innovation Index; Food Industry; food safety.

Page: 81-88


The article deals with the theoretical bases of the composition of the state regulatory mechanism of activation of innovative processes in certain institutional links of the food industry of Ukraine. The strong and weak regulatory levers which form an innovative climate in the agro-food sector of the country have been defined (through the criterial basis of the world recognized Global Innovation Index, which consists of the indicators of institutions development, human capital and research, infrastructure, market development level, business development level, knowledge and technology level, and creative activities).
It has been investigated that the innovative activity of enterprises in Ukraine is characterized as such, and it does not correspond to the current level of development of innovative processes in the countries for which innovative development is the key vector of economic strategy. The presence of a large number of problems in ensuring the competitiveness of food products in the domestic and foreign markets, as the Agreement on the Ukraine-EU Association signed and ratified, necessitate the government regulation and stimulation of the development of innovative activities of food industry enterprises. Provision of competitive products will be an incentive for increasing the presence of food products in foreign markets, significantly improving the structure of exports of products.
Prospective directions of perfection of state regulation of innovative development of the food industry of Ukraine has been grounded and the corresponding branch priorities has been identified using the author\'s approach.
It has been concluded that innovation-oriented development of the food industry will help to balance the nutrition of Ukrainians and ensure implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 (2015-2030), approved at the UN Summit in September 2015. So, overcoming of the contours of latent hunger, in-creasing of population incomes and overcoming the of high poverty rate is a strategic direction for Ukraine in the future.


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DOI: 10.15673/fie.v9i4.748

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