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ISO: 26324:2012


Ageieva I.M.

Key words: strategy; strategic recruitment; strategic analysis; wine and food industries

Page: 35-39


The purpose of the development of scientific and practical recommendations to improve the strategic management of PJSC "Odessavynprom." The object and subject of study: PJSC "Odessavynprom" most wineries south of Ukraine, which produces a wide range of wines, champagnes, cognacs and brandies and under the brand names "French Boulevard", "wine Hulievyh", "The Frenchman", "Southern clusters ". The subject of research supports the activities and processes of strategic management of PJSC "Odessavynprom." The theoretical and methodological basis for the implementation of the study are the main provisions of the modern theory of market economy. Delivered in the problem solved by the methods, systems approach - while developing strategic set of PJSC "Odessavynprom" and statistics - when assessing the condition externally and internal environment. We used the internal reporting PJSC "Odessavynprom" for 2013- 2015 years. And initial information received directly from employees. The article was deepening theoretical and methodological foundations and practical recommendations designed to improve the strategic management of the company. The main results are as follows: proposed release of new products - alcoholic cocktails based on champagne with added fruit juices; proposed partial automation of the marketing department by implementing software Marketing Expert Pro; proposed restructuring of Marketing through creation of jobs "Manager ZED" and "Brand Manager wine cocktails."


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DOI: 10.15673/2312-847x.4/2015.56739

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