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Hrihoriev E.O

Key words: food security;region;self-sufficiency;differentiation;regulation;food independence indicators

Page: 13-18


The author reveals the basic mechanism that uses state for food security, much of which is not applicable regions. Based on this understanding was derived food security in the region: the ability of the regional system to create and distribute food resources, provide all stable population with food in its entire territory, not following the rules of minimum requirements. Established favorable conditions for the stable which can ensure food security in the region: economic availability of food; Food rational combination of domestic production and imported as part of a single economic space of the country; inadmissibility of interregional trade barriers. The state of food security of Ukraine on the basis of indicators of sustainability. Indicators of self-sufficiency in food resources indicate the contribution in the field of food independence. The level of self-sufficiency may sometimes have low minimum value. In terms of self-sufficiency in food subjects of regional management resources were allocated four groups: self-reliant, self-reliant medium, low selfreliant, dependent. Pay attention to the directions of solving the problems of food security. In our opinion, we should focus on the quality of food. It is necessary to take measures to improve the system security and quality control of food throughout the chain. Looking for drastic measures to stabilize the state and development of domestic production of competitive agro-food products. The problem of food independence regions is more efficient use of land resources. Ensuring food security - a consistent implementation of a coordinated set of interrelated organizational, economic, legislative, administrative and social management activities at the state and regional levels. The combination of state regulation of agroindustrial production using its internal resources on the basis of their adaptation to rapidly changing economic conditions management. In our opinion, attention should be paid to the development of regional factors and mechanisms of formation of food security, as well as to assess the effectiveness forming food security at regional level. It is in these areas will be developed theme of food security and features its formation at the regional level in future research


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DOI: 10.15673/2312-847x.25/2015.38448

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