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Sedikova I.A;Selikhov S.V

Key words: organizational structure management;control structures types;Fruit and Vegetables canning department;linear;functional structure

Page: 53-57


In conditions of market transformations all the companies are still in permanent changes, there are purposeful transformation
as some of the elements and management systems in general. There is a need to transfer management of production
operations to control cross-cutting material and related financial, labor, information, service flows. Practice shows that
the change management OSU can occur in a variety of situations and have different forms of implementation. The key object
are the subject links that occur between internal elements, human enterprise parameters, different kinds of threats, the basic
tools of change management. The first step is to clearly identify these connections and then make reasonable assessment of
the adequacy of state organizations and instruments to implement changes. Despite the significant achievements of scientists
there are certain matters that were not sufficiently developed, namely determining the efficiency of enterprises depends
on the type of organizational management structures. A need for a comprehensive study of these problems, their relevance
and practical importance were the reasons for choosing the theme of this study. The purpose of the study is to substantiating
theoretical foundations and development of practical recommendations on the efficiency of enterprises depends on the type
of organizational management structures. It is proved that in Ukraine fruit and vegetable canning industry in many areas has
significance profiling. Reducing domestic production in 2011 amid growing export structure and reduce imports resulted in a
significant reduction in market size, especially in the first half of 2013 The factors influencing the market capacity, highlighted
the level of demand, seasonality of demand and production, changing consumer preferences, the main industry leaders.
Analyzed the organizational structure of the farm "Vladam", defined advantages and disadvantages of the organizational
management structure.
Based on the analysis, concluded the creation of separate departments in the enterprise. The main activities are
operated separately and create profit centers. The device management headed by Director General responsible for strategic
planning of the entire enterprise, as well as control over the activities of departments. Feature enterprise structure that
autonomous departments oriented to market a product or group activities and individual direction around.
The advantage of this structure is a clear division with a focus on market or product. The ability to determine the
profitability of a particular direction allows senior management to direct resources or reduce activities without reducing other
areas. Simplify communication in subdivisions and efficiency in decision-making preventive. When using this structure the
company can develop relatively free, everything depends on the economic feasibility of entering a new market or create a
new product


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DOI: 10.15673/2312-847x.25/2015.38470

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