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Dombrovskaya N.А

Key words: structure export chain;logistics hubs;storage subsystem;subsystem transportation;storage subsystem

Page: 8-14


One of the most important theoretical and practical problems of economic development of Ukraine in the
XXI century is to ensure the effective integration into the global economic space, dynamic growth of the production,
export and transit potential of the national economy. Problems of integration of the national logistics environment
in the international logistics network studied by many scientists, but questions remain unresolved, and
the role of the regional locations of logistics systems in the functioning of the export logistics chain of production
of oil and fat industry, trends and patterns of development and characteristics of the formation of competitive
advantage. Thus, the need to study, generalization and development of theoretical positions, development of
guidelines for improving the mechanism to support the regional logistics systems of export chain of production of
oil and fat industry in the globalization period, determine the relevance of the research topic, its theoretical and
practical importance.
It is proved that the export logistics system consists of several subsystems: a subsystem storage products
in the areas of production, transport and logistics subsystem that moves the material flow from the point of
its inception in the port subsystem unloading and storage of consignments which actually acts logistics hub, located
in the boundaries of the port, transport and logistics subsystem provide maritime transport cargo to the
destination. The second subsystem performs transportation and logistics subsystem movement of export consignments
of oil storage space to check points across the state border. The presence of international transport
corridors, provision of infrastructure by international standards, helps to effectively carry exports to the borders of
the state, including the production of oil and fat industry


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