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Kuprina N. M.;Baraniuk K. A

Key words: food industry;system of indicators;efficiency of activity of the enterprises;unprofitable enterprises;estimation of efficiency of activity

Page: 28-34


In the article the state and efficiency of functioning of the food industry of Ukraine in the example of Odessa region, as strategic and one of the most perspective components which noticeably influences state of the economy of Ukraine is considered.
Effective activity of the enterprises of the food industry is capable not only to increase the budget of the state, but also to create internal food security, to provide social aspects of its functioning.
Problems in this branch in Odessa region, first of all are connected with insufficient financing, unst-able situation in the country and economic crisis.
For the assessment of the enterprises of the food industry, efficiency of their activity and competi-tiveness, are applied certain systems of indicators the internal and external factors influencing the activity of the enterprise are considered. Researches show that a great number of the Ukrainian scientists-economists devoted their scientific works to the option of the most effective systems of indicators thanks to which it is possible to make the full and qualified standard of activity of the enterprises. In this article private indicators were used, in the calculation the data were taken from statistical year-books for few years.
Proceeding from data of the carried-out analysis, the partial indicators characterizing activity of the enterprises of the food industry of Odessa region show their unsatisfactory and not stable state, existence of a large number of the unprofitable enterprises, including small business enterprises in the presence though positive profitability of operating activities, but not high level, negative financial result of activity of the enter-prises to the taxation that is caused by negative result from financial and other usual activity at positive fi-nancial result from operational.
It is necessary to use the system of indicators chosen proceeding from features of object, the direc-tions and methods of research, and also the expected results and control methods of their achievements that demands further researches, for an obespechivaniye of efficiency and competitiveness of the enterprises of the food industry of Ukraine including Odessa region. The main task in this branch for the enterprises of the food industry in Odessa region, is preservation and development of already available enterprises, improve-ment of a control system of efficiency of their activity, management and competitiveness.


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DOI: 10.15673/2312-847x.4/2015.56732

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