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ISSN Print: 2312-847X
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ISO: 26324:2012


Kalaman O.B

Key words: agroindustrial subcomplex;market;viticulture;winemaking;production;enterprise

Page: 40-44


This article describes the basic problems of agriculture Ukraine subcomplex. The autonomy and lack of the action coordination were shown for each chain element of the production process. The great impor-tance was indicated of viticulture and winemaking in the score of the effective functioning of the entire agri-cultural Ukraine complex. The lack of the united arrangement actions were described of the viticulture andwinemaking enterprises, unless they are the united enterprise. The first seek to sell their ready product for further processing as expensive as possible. The others seek to find the cheapest supplier of quality wine materials.
The major development trends were shown in the country viticulture-winemaking branch. This process leads to the problems in the complete branch. But this is only the part of the major problems for the viticulture-winemaking branch enterprises. The main difficulties for the industry were shown in the article. The set of those problems complicates the manufactured products issue of the field to the leading modern European markets. The question appears of the required analysis of needs and preferences of the foreign market.
The resent condition of the viticulture products market was reviewed in the article. This allows mak-ing some conclusions about the potential possibilities of the industry development. The main subjects and their rational cooperation will permit each to receive a positive effect. The basic difficulty was shown in legislative field. The imperfect national legislation and unsystematic actions in some legislation acts leads to stagnation and decline in the industry. In this way the additional dif-ficulties forms for the functioning of the viticulture-winemaking enterprises and agro-industrial complex in general. In the article clearly were shown the area reduction of the grape plantings, decreased of the yield capacity and gross harvesting of the grapes. All of this is a consequence of irrational development of the industry. The acute problems of the industry were identified in the contemporary situation. The specific features of functioning of the viticulture-winemaking industry enterprises were depicted. The improvement ways of the industry state and action ways were suggested for the situation advance as at the enterprise level and at the level subcomplex


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DOI: 10.15673/2312-847x.4/2015.56740

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